Have you ever wondered what it means to be "gifted"? People might have told you you're gifted but what does it really mean? Well, read below to find out and learn what it means to be gifted.

It means you're smart. It means you learn things quickly - much faster than most of the kids in your grade. It might mean that you remember things well. You could have a talent in athletics, music, art, drama, or leadership that is different from other kids your age. It might mean you are a very good speller because you remember so well. It might mean that you learned the capitals of the states very quickly or that you learned to multiply very easily and now you're ready to go on to other things. Kids who are gifted learn things quickly and easily. In school, it might mean that you don't need your teacher to review and repeat because you learned it the first time and you remember it. Not everybody learns that way. That's OK, everybody is different.

You might have a problem in school because you want to learn things faster than the other kids. You might be the first kid to raise your hand in class when the teacher asks a question. Everyone else might be annoyed with you for doing that. You might not understand why learning comes easily to you and why you get a good feeling from knowing the answers. Sometimes it seems like we are very proud of people who have an athletic, musical, or artistic talent and we say lots of nice things about them. When someone is smart, we sometimes feel that we're bragging if we act proud of that person.

Some kids are gifted in all areas, but you can be gifted in one area and not in others. For example, you could be gifted in math, but average in reading or history. You could have a special talent in art, but not in leadership.

Being smart is a good thing. Being gifted is a good thing. It does make you a little different from the other kids your age, especially when it comes to learning. Sometimes kids feel a little embarrassed about being smart and then they try to hide their ability. If you feel this way, this would be a good time to talk to a parent or counselor about how you are feeling.

There are a couple of books that may help you understand more about what it means to be gifted. They are "The Gifted Kids Survival Guide for Ages 10 and Under" and "The Gifted Kids Survival Guide: A Teen Handbook."

Sometimes, you might have feelings that you'd rather not be gifted; you want to be just like everybody else. Those kinds of feelings happen to everyone. When that does happen, just remember - all kids feel that way about something! Your feelings are just like those of every other kid.

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