Welcome to our Star Student of the Week page! In previous years, I've used this great incentive to help build the classroom community and allow students to get to know one another. During the school year, student had the opportunity to be the Star Student for an entire week. Being a Star Student was more than just having a fancy title for a week. Our Star Student was given special privileges and opportunities to celebrate how special he or she is. Below you will find information on each daily activity and the incentives that were given to the Star Student of the Week.



The Star Student of the Week was chosen at random the first day of the week he or she will be Star Student. Every student in the class had their name placed inside a black velvet bag. Ms. Sanchez drew a name at random. Once a name was pulled, Ms. Sanchez checked to make sure the student has had outstanding or great behavior during the previous week (behavior card has remained in "Blue - Outstanding" or "Green - Ready to Learn" for the entire week). If the student does not have outstanding behavior for the previous week, the teacher then drew another name from the bag. It's important for the Star Student to maintain outstanding behavior in order to be a good role model for other students. In addition, if the name the teacher picked was the name of a student who was already a Star Student of the Week, the teacher would then draw another name in order to give an equal opportunity for all students to participate.


Once the Star Student was chosen, he or she received the Star Student Backpack to take home for the night on the first day of their Star Student Week. The Star Student Backpack contained items which helped the student prepare for the "Star" week. All items in the backpack needed to be returned to Ms. Sanchez the following day, except the Star Student Goodie Bag. The following is a list of items that were included in the Star Student Backpack:

When the Star Student Backpack was taken home, the student was responsible for filling out and coloring the "Read All About Me" poster which needed to be turned in to Ms. Sanchez on the second day the student was the Star Student of the Week. The poster was then displayed on our Star Student of the Week bulletin board for all to see. The rest of the week was then filled with exciting activities to spotlight the Star Student.



Star Student is Revealed

One student is chosen to be the Star Student of the week. He or she will receive the Star Student Back Pack to take home for the night. In order to give the Star Student enough time to complete the "Read All About Me" poster, the star student will not have any additional home learning assignments for the night. The only assignment the Star Student will need to complete is the "Read All About Me" poster. The Star Student is free to use the crayons and markers provided in the Star Student Backpack. The poster will need to be turned in completed to Ms. Sanchez the next day in order for the Star Student to receive credit for home learning and share the poster with the rest of the class.


Poster Share

The Star Student will share his or her "Read All About Me" poster with the class. This will help the rest of the class become more acquainted with the Star Student. After the Star Student shares the poster, the poster will then be displayed on our Star Student Bulletin Board for the remainder of the week.


Sharing Sack

The Star Student will bring three items from home to share with the rest of the class. Parents are asked to please help their child collect three special items from home to bring to school on this day. The Star Student will then share these three items with the class. Students are encouraged to choose items that have some sort of meaning rather than just a collection of toys.


Parent Letter

Parents are asked to write a letter to the class telling us how special their child is to them. The letter will need to be sent in a sealed envelope to school with the Star Student, and Ms. Sanchez will then read the letter to the class. The content of the letter is up to the parents, but they may want to choose from one of the following ideas:

  • Describe special or funny stories about the Star Student for the class to hear
  • Write a silly or serious poem about the Star Student
  • Tell us some neat things we may not know about the Star Student
  • Send silly or special pictures with a letter describing the pictures
  • Write a short story with the Star Student as the main character.

Star Friends

Our Star Student will be presented with a friendship poster created by his or her classmates. The poster will include the Starís picture, surrounded by compliments written by his or her classmates.


The following is a PDF copy of the Star Student Parent Letter included in the Star Student Back Pack. Feel free to download the letter which explains the Star Student of the Week process to our parents. If you intend to use the letter for your class, you'll need to recreate the letter so you may change the contact information to your own. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

Star Student of the Week Parent Letter
*Revised on July 26, 2008*


All Star Students were recognized in a special way throughout their week. In addition to their special daily recognition, Star Students also benefited from some additional incentives. Each Star Student received a special Star Student Goodie Bag. The goodie bag was filled with the following items:

  • A Star Student of the Week Certificate

  • A Star Student Pencil

  • A Star Student Notepad

  • A Star Student Bookmark

  • A Star Student Star Plush that says "You're a Star!"

In addition to their goodie bag, each Star Student was given a one week salary of $20/day ("Fin" Dollars) within our Classroom Economy. That was a bonus of $100 for one week! We were very proud of all of our Star Students and hoped they enjoyed the special recognition. Remember...every child can be a STAR!

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